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What is Mediation?

Family mediation is an impartial way of resolving issues arising from family breakdown with the help of a trained and fully qualified Mediator. Family Mediation can help with:

  • Property and financial matters
  • Children’s matters including where the children will live and with whom and how contact with the children will work
  • Any other arrangements that concern you following family breakdown

Is mediation the same as reconciliation or relationship counselling?

No. Mediation is not relationship counselling or marriage guidance. People who attend mediation must be satisfied that their relationship has ended and they want assistance in managing the related matters of that relationship breakdown.

What are the benefits of mediation?

It is a way of managing family breakdown yourself.

You are in control.

It may be cheaper than solicitors.

It is often quicker than the legal process

It can help with communication following family breakdown

It is often more amicable

It is completely confidential

It is possible to combine mediation with a legally binding agreement at the end

Who can mediate?

Anyone affected by the family breakdown including extended members of the family such as grandparents

Why use Accord Mediation Services?

With over 20 years of experience of family breakdowns and related matrimonial matters combined with the professional legal knowledge of a solicitor we believe that we offer the best option for our clients and we feel you will agree after using our service.

How long is a mediation session and how many sessions will I need?

The length of a mediation session rarely exceeds two hours but essentially the time frame is dictated by you and what you feel comfortable doing. The more you can agree at a mediation session the fewer sessions you will need but on average between 2 to 6 sessions would usually deal with all aspects of family breakdown.

Can mediation be used to deal with prenuptial or other marital agreements?

Yes all matrimonial matters can be dealt with via mediation.

Is mediation compulsory?

Mediation is a voluntary process but if you wish to later use the courts you are required to at least have considered mediation by attending a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS) which we can help you with and usually takes about 30 minutes.