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Accord Mediation aims to provide a cost effective and efficient mediation service to all of its clients. Mediation sessions last between 1 and 1 ½ hours on each occasion and depending upon the complexity of the issues involved, can last anything up to 6 sessions. The fees charged by Accord Mediation for mediation services are as follows:

Initial confidential Session (Individual) £100.00 Face to face or online Up to 1 hour
Initial confidential session (Joint) £100.00 per person Face to face or online Up to 1 hour
MIAMS (mediation information and assessment meeting) £100.00 (fixed fee) Face to face or online 45 minutes
Settlement Meeting £100.00 per person per hour Face to face or online 1 ½ hours
Mediation Sessions £100.00 per person per hour Face to face or online 1 ½ hours
Telephone conference £100.00 per person per hour 1 ½ hours
Settlement proposals and open financial statement (preparation) £120.00 per person
Summary of proposals £100.00 per person

Collective or fixed fees for advanced bookings

Individual or fixed fees (according to circumstances) are available for collective mediation sessions booked in advance and details of these can be discussed and agreed at the outset. For example, our usual reduction for booking 2 or more sessions collectively in advance is 15%. Assuming the average number of sessions to resolve finances following divorce of between 2 and 6 sessions at a cost of between £600.00 and £1,800.00 but if booked in a block attract a discount resulting in a maximum collective session spend of £1,530.00 saving £270.00.

Please note that prior to the start of mediation, a short information meeting is held to complete forms and assess your eligibility for public funded mediation.

You may need a form FM1 to issue proceedings for which you will be charged £100.00

Fees for more complex cases or those cases involving large sums of money will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Please note that we charge a cancellation fee equivalent to your session fee, if a session is cancelled by you less than three working days before the appointment date. This is to cover the costs to us together with general administrative costs.

In cases involving children between 1 to 3 sessions may be required to bring matters to a satisfactory resolution for both parties. In cases concerning property and finance only between 2 and 6 sessions may be required. Where a case involves all issues that need to be decided in mediation (children and finance) anywhere between 3 and 6 sessions may be required. The number of sessions varies depending upon the complexity of the issues and the estimation of the number of sessions required is not intended to be fixed. Each case is individual and some mediation sessions cover more ground than others.

Mediation or Court Proceedings?

Many Solicitors charge by the hour and the average hourly charging rate is anywhere from £150.00 - £250.00 per hour upwards plus VAT, in addition to which Court fees and other fees are payable.

If you want to issue legal proceedings in respect of a children’s case, the Court fee payable is £215.00. An agreement reached in mediation means a court has no need to issue an order as an order is not required where agreement can be reached,.

In financial matters, a Court fee is payable in the sum of £255.00. In contrast, if an agreement is reached in mediation, a Court fee of £45.00 is payable to a Court to approve any financial settlement that has been agreed by mediation.

All of the aforementioned fees are payable in addition to the hourly rate of the Solicitor.

Accord Mediation Services does not discourage the use of Solicitors. We consider that the advice given by a Solicitor can be invaluable but for comparison purposes, it can be seen that some Court fees can be drastically reduced or avoided in their totality if agreement can be reached via mediation. Accord Mediation Services maintain the view that if a settlement is achieved during mediation that we continue to recommend that you seek the advice of a Solicitor on any decisions that you have made. The point that we are making is that the costs of legal services can be substantially reduced by the use of mediation.

There are further advantages to mediation which include the speed with which mediation can be concluded. The pace at which mediation can settle any dispute is entirely up to you. You are in control. The quicker matters can be agreed, the quicker the mediation process can be concluded. Again, Accord Mediation Services would stress that we always recommend that any agreement reached in mediation is the subject of the advice of a Solicitor and/or approved by the Courts, if required.

We would also point out that we value the input of Solicitors in any agreement that is reached as a result of mediation, not only because it is in your best interests but also because Accord Mediation Services provides professional lawyer-led mediation, your mediator will be legally qualified.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our services by telephoning 01323 738258 or email us here.