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How does Mediation work?

Mediator in discussion.

Mediation consists of the following steps:

  1. The Intake Session or First Appointment is a half hour appointment for you to see a mediator. You can discuss the issues that you would like to resolve, any concerns that you have and the costs involved. A decision will then be made whether your situation is suitable for mediation or whether you wish to proceed with mediation. If it is decided that mediation is suitable and you want to proceed then the mediator will contact the other person. If they are willing to take part mediation moves to the next stage, the mediation session. If the other person is not willing to take part in mediation the mediator cannot force them and the matter concludes at that point. A form FM1 will be supplied confirming that you considered mediation but that it cannot proceed. This form is needed should you ultimately choose legal proceedings to resolve the issues.
  2. Mediation Sessions are a series of appointments which you attend with the other person and a family mediator. The mediator will work with you both to identify the issues involved, consider the available options and ultimately achieve a solution that is mutually acceptable to you. There is a separate fee for each appointment and therefore the cost will depend on the number of sessions required.
  3. When your mediation sessions have come to an end your mediator will draft your agreement. You can keep this document safe as a record of your agreement or take it to a solicitor if you want to turn your agreement into a legally binding document. Whether your agreement can be made legally binding is a matter upon which you will need to take legal advice.

Anyone can start the mediation process simply by contacting us on telephone number 01323 738258 or email us here.